"Experience A Better Tomorrow Than Today!"

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Who We Are

Family History:

Being raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin is a perfect environment and training ground for private business. Work Hard, work smart, and prepare for draughts and downpours all at the same time. All three daughters have excelled in academics and athletics, at the collegiate and professional level. They still work as a team, challenging each other to be lifelong learners and making certain each day is a "great day!” John Klapperich truly believes that most individuals and companies underestimate their true potential, and he firmly understands that can change by a choice.

Dream Bigger! Couple your dream with reality, then go for the gold, failure is not an option. 
  Lead presenter/analyst John Klapperich has 30 years of experience in reviewing business plans. The world is constantly changing, technology is advancing, and the spending habits of consumers are being influenced. Which is why at JKlapperich and Associates we work with you to turn customers into "fans."

Founders: John & Joan Klapperich,
with their three daughters, Kristina, Kaitlyn & Mary (Kristina not Pictured)