"Experience A Better Tomorrow Than Today!"

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"After being in the retail sporting goods and outdoor clothing business for over 10 years,  Walmart came to town, it was the third "national chain, big box store' to arrive. All had better store locations and of course nationwide cumulative buying power my stand alone sporting goods store did not. Sales were dropping, and I thought my options were few to none. Then in 1996, John Klapperich walked in my store, observed, asked questions, and left with no promises, a few days later, he came back "I can help" .  He brought idea, after idea, an implementation plan and single handedly re-instilled my belief in myself and my ability to take care of my customers better then any competitor could. Business started to increase, 10%, 15%, 35% then doubled. He allowed me to develop and believe in the ability to achieve a huge goal. We agreed to reach a sales  level far beyond my wildest dreams, which would achieve my families business financial goals, in 2007 'Mission Accomplished'. I am amazed how our lives have changed after John came into my life, anticipate results beyond your expectations, call John Klapperich."
Jerry Holbrook- Former owner of Outdoors and More Sporting Goods, Wasilla, AK. (retired)

“Being a sole proprietor, I had enough sales to pay my bills, but I felt like I  could never leave my store, no employee ran the business with the same passion I had. I called John within 5 months I was at every one of my son's soccer games, I was able to go fly fishing on Saturdays, and I love my business again! John taught me how to run my business and not let it run me.
Vivian - Small Business Owner

“As a General Manager of a mid-sized company, my personal life was suffering; I was always thinking about my company in my mind while I was having dinner with my wife. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, reviewing quarterly reports. John's assistance developed a plan that increased profits and made my customers so loyal - they'd walk through broken shards of glass, to bring me their business. John helped put my mind at ease.“
James - General Manager